Why Portugal

Portugal is an increasingly popular destination for home buyers due to several attractive factors. Here are some arguments that could appeal to everyone interested in investing in Portugal.

This country is often compared to California and Florida due to its 300 days of sunshine per year and 530 miles of coastline with beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes. However, what sets Portugal apart and draws foreigners to invest and live in this country are some significant differences.

  • Low cost of living: compared to the United States and other EU countries.
  • Quality of life: Friendly and welcoming population. English is widely spoken.
  • Health system: Efficient Public Health System and low-cost private insurance.
  • Pleasant climate: Enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.
  • Stunning landscapes: Golden beaches, cliffs, amazing mountains, and unique vineyards.
  • Culture: Enjoy a variety of cultural experiences, from the traditional music of Fado to historic architecture.
  • Transportation: Excellent and reliable highways and urban public system.
  • Gastronomy: Portuguese cuisine is rich and delicious and has world-renowned wines, and unique pastries, enjoy eating at a beach side cafés to a Michelin starred restaurants.
  • Safety and political stability: Portugal is a safe and politically stable country and ranks fourth on the World Peace Index. This makes it an attractive place for those looking for a secure environment to invest in properties.
  • Tax incentive programs: Portugal offers tax incentive programs to attract foreign investors, and various types of Visas to gain residency.

“These are just a few of the reasons why we believe Portugal is a place you’ll fall in love with” 


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